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I liked any P&S that had a 35mm lens on it, but I could settle for a 38mm.

My all time favorite was one that I finally had to give up on after the fourth one went belly up. It was the Canon Sure Shot 120 Classic, with an aluminum clad front, and many controls on the back for just about any situation. But those dials and buttons proved to be it's downfall because of no weather sealing.

Not like I took them out in the rain, but I ruined one of them because I had it in my shirt pocket on a very hot summer day, and the sweat condensed on it, shorting everything out.

The next one arrived DOA from Goodwill's online store, while the third one had this infuriating film loading fault where it wouldn't wind the film when you closed the door until you popped the back open and then closed it again. That one just stopped working one day. Then the last one quit focusing whenever the lens was zoomed out to telephoto.

This is why I miss them:

Canon Sure Shot 120 Classic on 8 years expired Kodak Gold 100

Whatever by P F McFarland, on Flickr

Waiting for the light
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