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What is your P&S of choice? Film
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What is your P&S of choice? Film

I have to admit, I have always been intrigued by point and shoot cameras.

Up until recently I had a VERY large collection of various thrift store cameras of all makes. I’m talking Rubbermaid tubs... and it took forever to clean them out! A few nice members here took a majority of it off my hands.

Still holding a few of the “better” for the Xmas giveaway thread.

I have kept the Canon ML and Nikon L35 although it seems unfair to let them sit!

All of this has me thinking about some of my favs over the years.

Yashica : T2 T4D
Konica : A4
Nikon: Lite*Touch 28
Olympus: MJU Trip Jr. XA

Just to name a few I can distinctively remember.

Alternatively you can feed my gas by providing some details about your camera. I really WISH I had a P&S that allowed for Manual ISO selection that was somewhat small... at least compared to the big ol Canon ML.

Let’s talk!
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