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Originally Posted by ptpdprinter View Post
At least tax dollars are not involved. As usual, none of this discussion has anything to do with photography.
And considering that you have continued this trend so admirably, tax dollars per se are not a bad thing-

Roger, another common thing in areas that have a density of people living and walking is the sidewalk giveaway (and yes, this also happens in suburbs and rural areas). You take one or more objects that you are finished with and simply place it on the sidewalk. It will usually disappear within a day; if not the polite thing to do is bring the object inside and dispose of another way. Shoes, books, furniture, kitchen items, framed images and paintings, etc.

You need a certain density of foot traffic for this to work smoothly- cities and the 'downtown' areas of smaller towns. Most Americans live in areas where walking the local streets is not typical. And oh yeah, you need actual sidewalks to put items on, and that is not standard in large chunks of American suburbs.
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