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Japanese Surrender, DDD and Nikon Connections
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Japanese Surrender, DDD and Nikon Connections

We all connected.

A combat photographer at Okinawa, David Douglas Duncan photographed the Japanese surrender ending WWII aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo bay.

There he met Life staff photographer J.R. Eyerman who helped DDD also become a Life staff photographer. (Eyerman was also a legendary photographer, famous for making special cameras to get special shots for Life Magazine).

Still with Life, DDD made Nikon famous when he introduced Nikkor lenses to the US via his Korean War coverage (mounted on Leicas).

I never met DDD, but I did meet J.R. Eyerman and have been aboard the USS Missouri many times, and have more than my share of Nikons. Sadly the Missouri is now being neglected as its allowed to rust out for benefit of tourist dollars at Pearl Harbor. The rain at Pearl Harbor is acidic and rusts out the superstructure. For long term preservation, it should have stayed safely at the Bremerton Navy Base in Puget Sound, Washington.
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