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Originally Posted by karateisland View Post
In this case, the idea is to get myself out there shooting ASAP, and to do it with lenses that offer the aesthetic qualities I like, in a package I can afford. If slower lenses will work for more than 90% of my shots, why not start with one of those instead of waiting until I've saved for an F/2?
I can agree with that... certainly better to be making photos than dreaming about equipment.

Though it's likely add faster lenses to my kit in the future, I can still have a lot of fun--and take most of the pictures I want to take--with some small, slow lenses while I'm saving up.
Certainly... my response wasn't in direct response to you necessarily but the whole thread. Sorry, I agree wholeheartedly with buying a 2.5 or 2.8 lens and just making photos. The worst that can happen is you can't make some photos. That happens even when you seemingly have it all!
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