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Originally Posted by giganova View Post
I already have a fantastic photo project that would look great in MF: "The Underground Railroad". I want to document and rediscover the secret routes escaped slaves from the South took in the early 1900s on their search for freedom in the Northern States. My plan is do a lot of research and take pictures of the escape routes in the swamps and woods of Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the safe house and cabins they stayed hidden over night. I'll search for direct descendants of some of the slaves and will take pictures of them in those original places and locations. Imagine eerie b&w landscape photos of foggy swamps and cabins with portraits of the descendants of the slaves! This would look stellar on MF. Will probably take me a year to pull it off.

Sounds like a great project.
I would choose a Rolleiflex and a GSW 690iii.
Fit both in under your budget.
Rolleiflex for closer looks and the moderate wide GSW for broader views in 2:3.

It’s difficult to emphasis enough how working through a TLR effects image outcome.
Maybe it’s subjective and just me.
Handholding a twinlens just has given me many more keepers than any other camera “arrangement”.
It’s viewfinder is almost cinematic which really effects the photographer.

The big negative from the wide Fuji 690 is mind bending.
Its ability to capture so much detail for such a relatively small dollar investment makes it a great choice for documenting when one might print large.

Look forward to viewing your project
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