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It is ashamed they didn't build them better. Its been so long I can't remember if I had electronic problems of not. I must not have or the mechanical problems overshadowed all others. Scratching magazines and motor issues were enough of a headache though.

I've owned a few dogs over nearly sixty years. The 3003's, M9 and Leicaflex SL and MOT were very problematic one way or another.

I had a fantastic system of Zeiss glass, 16 FE, 18, 25, 35, 50, 60, 85, 135, 200 and a Rollei 400 and mid range Zoom. The 35, 50 and 85 were f1.4. I had quite a few magazines, battery trays and polaroid back. It was so nice on jobs to have B&W in one magazine, color transparency in another and sometimes color neg. some jobs like catalog fashion work would be all transparencies so I'd load all with E6 film. I'd do the same on magazine shoots. When they worked they were fantastic. I even had the SCA module for my Metz 45CT4.

It wasn't asthough they broke down on every job. The magazines needed relived at Rollei service every few months. About once or twice a year the body would have to go in for repairs. It was always one of the gears in the transport stripping the teeth off. Unfortunately they just got to be so much of a problem I had to switch systems. I wound up buying 2 F4's and a comparable system of Lenses.

In comparison to my previous system which was 3 F2's and comparable lenses and the system purchased after the Rolleis, I had one of my F2 motirs require replacement of a rewind gear and one of the F4's had to have the meter calibrated. To give you an idea of how much film I shot through them, I shot one job for the Tennessee Valley Authority and delivered 600 rolls of film in the end. I rarely shot that much on a single job, but went through 100-300 rolls of 35 a month. One year my E6 lab bill exceeded $100,000. I was doing a huge amount of catalog fashion, magazine shoots and around 10 major annual reports a year plus other clients work. Most of this went through my Rollei SL66's and 35 system.

I don't remember the price but they were quite expensive as were the lenses.
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