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We once did a Canon 1.5 vs. Nikkor comparison with Randy, Ulrich (

Originally Posted by ulrich.von.lich View Post
I wonder if the so-called "veiling flare" of the Nikon only happens at f1.4 and at long focus distances.
The Nikon is IMO the better performer, and has no veiling flare at f1.5 even at infinity, and no veiling flare at all wide open and at closer focus. Also, the above comparison was done with a late Nikkor, I like my current early NKT lens better.

I was the first to modify the Nikkor for close focus, AFAIK ( I've done a handful until now, on both NKT and NKJ 1.4 lenses, and several 50/2 lenses as well. It's easy DIY, really, all you need is a lens spanner, and I think Don has done it since then, too. I think all 1.4 versions can be modified.

And my Zuiko 50/1.4 remains untouched, it's perfect on my OM1


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