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Originally Posted by farlymac View Post
Nice! You're going to do just fine with the M2, Colton.

Keep away from lever focus lenses, and you shouldn't have any problems with clearances. I mounted a Nikkor 35mm LTM on my M4-P the other day, and because the infinity stop winds up around 0630 on the flange, the focus lever hits the bright frame changing lever, and I can't focus closer than 6 feet.

Good looking photos as usual.

Thanks PF

Originally Posted by benlees View Post
Still remember getting my M4P... As sweet as a mechanical camera can get. Enjoy. I'm sure the M2 is better!
I thought about getting an M4-P or M4-2, and I would probably be very happy with either. I did want a self timer though, and this M2 just seemed perfect for me.

Originally Posted by mcfingon View Post
The M2 is a lovely straightforward M, but be aware if you put a 28mm on it, there's no appropriate outline shown because of that nice simple frameline set. My son has mine now, and is enjoying it very much with a Jupiter-12.
John Mc
Hehe, ya after months of reading up on the various Leica M bodies, I'm pretty up on the pros/cons of each finder and their framelines. 28mm on an M2 worked well enough for Henry Wessel

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