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Originally Posted by bushwick1234 View Post
I shoot street mainly, and try to get as close as possible to my subjects. And I live in NYC where we have streets packed with buildings. As was pointed out here earlier, you can't always correct distortion on LR and crop images afterwards. This image isn't fine: look the top right of the vertical window frame, look the green subway fence that is not parallel but deviates apart. Some degree of distortion is natural. There are many! wide lenses without this huge amount of distortion. And I expected this 23mm to be one with little to none distortion.

Lens distortion would mean the window frame wasn't a straight line, or that the subway fences weren't a straight line but were curved.

This is an actual example of lens distortion from the Fuji 35mm f2:

In your pictures you have straight lines. The lens isn't distorting the picture.

That your lines aren't parallel to each other is perspective distortion. That distortion is not due to the lens at all. What you are seeing is the result of your camera being tilted relative to the subject. Nothing more.

Any same focal length wide angle lens will have the same perspective distortion if the camera+lens is tilted relative to the subject.

The wider you go, the more obvious it becomes.

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