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Originally Posted by ptpdprinter View Post
Is changing a lens on an SLR somehow safer than changing a lens on an RF? I never thought about changing lenses as a hazardous undertaking. Cameras are tools.
I feel more free to change lenses outdoors with my D700 than with my M9, because the D700 has the "dust shaker" to vibrate the dust off the sensor each time the camera is turned on. The M9 has not got this, so I worry more about the dust that gets in when the lens is removed.

And the larger DSLR lenses are easier to hang onto and not drop. I've never dropped a Leica lens either, but the tiny 35/2 and 35/2.8 ones require special attention. A good rule is to give the lens your full attention when handling it, keeping your eyes on what you are doing, not trusting the sense of touch alone. And I avoid doing it with frozen fingers!
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