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Why would anybody want anything other than an M3
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Why would anybody want anything other than an M3

Well the title grabbed your attention, but seriously, why would anybody want to buy anything other than an M3, or maybe an M2 or a iiig?

Those pre-M3 Leicas feel nice and look pretty on the shelf (I have a selection of them), but surely nobody would want to use them for taking photographs, would they? All that squinting through miniscule viewfinders and rangefinders, and struggling to load a film through a tiny aperture would surely only suit a dedicated masochist?

As for the post-M3 Leicas, they're probably still very nice useable cameras but why would anybody want to pay more than 30 for one, because for that price you could buy a Japanese SLR which by the mid sixties had surpassed the Leica rangefinder in almost every way and were equally well put together.

The M3 deserves its iconic status and subsequent inflated market value because at the time it was produced it was outstanding. But by the end of production it had been overshadowed by its competitors, and the subsequent models, although certainly good cameras, have no place in history.

Ok I think I should have upset enough people by now.
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