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Originally Posted by JSU View Post
The Nikon F had a coded serial number in that the first two numbers indicated the year of production. The F cameras were last produced in 1974 hence their serial numbers begin as 74xxxx....
This is NOT true and most times does not indicate the year of production.
Records show the Nikon F production stopped in 1973, those 74xxxxx cameras were actually made in 1973( lots of replacement top panels exist within the 74xxxx batch), 64xxxxx cameras started production in 1959!

The second issue is that the break is not clean, there are many samples within the 72xxxxx batch that do not have the "Apollo" characteristics, yet are numbered higher than the "Apollo" samples!

Large batches of overlapping numbers are discovered within the 73xxxx cameras.

mynikonF2, you don't need to start the collection of numbers, Uli Koch has already done it in his book:


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