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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
If only the R8's electronics were as robust as the body. Sigh. Mine was a particularly fussy machine ... sometimes it just wouldn't.
My Leicaflex SL is a rock, and it doesn't matter if the battery is good or not.

I heard there was an issue with the early ones, and supposedly... Leica took care of it if you sent it in. Supposedly (again..) the later ones had this already taken care of.
Larry's info/link provides some of that info.

My totally trashed R8 has no electrical issues. My Nikon Fe2 in comparison developed a wonky meter/shutter control and we all know those are meant to be more solid cameras.

I always wanted to try an SL2 but I have far too many cameras as is. And then what would I do with my Nikon Fs and F2s?
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