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Originally Posted by CharlesDAMorgan View Post
Yeah, the R9 is too much by a long way. I'm sort of attracted to dinosaurs though - I find the M5 to be close to perfect as a camera.

I don't like the ergonomics on the R7, the fiddling with the exposure compensation button, the flaccid film lever advance and a lack of comfort in the hand. They also go for about the same as the R8 so a relatively cheap swap is a possibility.
Interesting, as the film advance lever is smooth and solid on all my Rs - two R-Es, R7, R8, R9.
It was flappy on my R8 (which is a beater/has seen a tough life- see pics below), but I removed the lever (one screw underneath) and tightened it up at the crank. Took just a few minutes to do and has stayed solid since then.

Even though I have an R9 (because it was a good deal to pass up on) honestly there is so little difference vs the R8. The R9 has a locking mode selector but I must be one of the few people that prefer the way it is on the R8. Leica just should have made the detents a little more solid. And it has a frame counter on the top.
In actual use there is no difference.
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