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45mm lens with CLE 40mm framelines?
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45mm lens with CLE 40mm framelines?

Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
I have no idea about the framing accuracy that you asked about, just responding about the Pentax-L 43mm f/1.9 Special. It is a superb lens in every respect: Light weight, fast focusing, beautiful focusing action, and very very nice imaging qualities. I've tested it extensively on both the Leica M-D and Leica CL (digital) bodies, as well as the Leica M4-2, and it is one superb lens.

I suspected it would be because the Pentax-FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited that it shares optics with was without a doubt my absolute favorite Pentax lens out of all of them I owned when I was working primarily with Pentax digital equipment. It was such a good lens that I considered keeping a Pentax body around simply to be able to keep and use that lens.

Its performance on the digital sensor cameras is far better than the Summicron-C 40mm, or either of the M-Rokkor 40mm variants.

Thanks. You both have me intrigued now : ) Have to admit though, it would take quite a lens to win me over in comparison to the Contax G 45mm. There is just something about the color and texture of the images that I love with the Zeiss. I will definitely take a look at the Pentax though!
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