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I don't know if this is funny or sad. This, below, and Fogiel's comment and 'example' photo....

Is the purpose of this thread to glorify a piece of hardware, or to demonstrate actual photography that might be done with it? The pictures are "overly contrasty?" Forgive Kristian for bringing something to the conversation. It's called Character. And thank the gods we don't all share ONE of them.

As for the comment that we should be employing the full dynamic range of this sensor — well, then, just photograph grayscale test charts. I've never seen a photograph that i liked where i commented to myself about how marvelously all 12 steps are reproduced. If that's the voice in your head, you should be writing for dpreview (no disrespect to dpreview — that's what it's for), but not calling yourself a photographer.

Have you people heard, for example, of LITH PRINTING? Is that not a valid result? Do the subject's skins remind you of spent chewing gum? A fellow named Anton Corbijn, to name one, has made a greater career than any of us with just that style. Look at Ed Van der Elsken and tell me he 'maximized' the quantitative potential of Tri-X. Irving Penn. Steven Meisel. Josef Koudelka.... We can name names for ages.

The point is this: Kristian's photographs are about his vision of a scene. I'm delighted it doesn't match Bob or Marek's. Although i like some of Marek's photographs. That's a simple matter of my taste versus his. And, i respect that he has a Particular Viewpoint and way of seeing things. When you lose that, your images aren't really worth viewing.

Wow. Just re-read this: "with a more careful processing you would do more "justice" to your Monochrome."

I would hope it's not the intention of any photographer to "do 'justice'" to a piece of gear. It should always be quite the other way 'round. Who owns who in that scenario?

And, now a smiley face so i don't get censored/deleted.

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