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Originally Posted by BobYIL View Post

It's obvious you have a good eye and I appreciate your efforts to contribute to this forum. However I believe if you pay a little more attention to your processing then your contribution to us to appreciate the merits of the Monochrome would be better. (Hopefully you would not feel offended.)
He is "paying attention to his processing." He's processing it so that it conforms to how he sees the scene.

This sort of "critique" certainly isnt going to help him become a better photographer. IMO, he's already better than 99.9% of most of the people here. I'm certain he knows it too. He has a vision and style particular him himself. I suspect as well that he is intimately knowledgable re: tones, tonal relationships etc. You're not telling him something he doesnt already know.

Nothing as well against the poster who posted the picture of the woman's back to suggest how he might do something, but the contrast between what Kristian is posting and what others are is so obvious as to need no mention.

There are two steps to the maturation of any visual artist: 1. Learning the aesthetic "rules." 2. Learning how to surmount the "rules" in service to ones' aesthetic vision. With all due respect, most folks remain stuck on 1, while Kristian is way past that.

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