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Wow, woke up this Morning 'Happy' because Kristian pm'd me to say he would be back posting on this Thread...
then I open the thread to view
And BAM back to INSANITY again

As For Nigel's Remark, there is nothing wrong with what he posted.
he noticed in the photo the knife marks and casually remarked about them
Unfortunately someone thought he was talking about tattoos and
Nigel then had to Explain himself only to be bombasted by 'Moriturii'

Sheesh, can We ALL just please be Pleasantly Civil
Even if we Disagree

Oh yeah Kristian
I like your new set of photos...I"m diggin the edginess & 'look'
And it's obvious how You treat those street photos in Comparison to your more Subdued processing in the 'Fashion' set

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