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I am not overly critical of what I see form this camera. As stated before, the resolution is fantastic, and there is also an evident improvement in tonality over the M9 images, However, in my perception, this is a rather particular way of making B&W photos, and it reminds me of an error I made once, when I took portraits of my female friend on AGFA SCALA with Zeiss Planar set to f 4.0. Beyond the exaggerated sharpness and unbelievable micro contrast however, on SCALA, the tonality was more natural, and there was no problem with the highlight rendering, which is still present with the Monochrome. To sum up, these photos look like made with an uber sharp lens on a repro film, with the obvious limitation to render strong highlights. I would be curious to know if a Monochrome Tri X version will ever come out...
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