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Originally Posted by rbelyell View Post
when did a thread like this become a talent referendum? this is about what this unique camera is capable of, not what one 'likes' or doesnt. personal preferences are not relevent here. you dont like how an image is processed, then dont process it like that. but keep irrelevent opinions out of it. an opinion on the cameras output, fair game. youre particular processing preferences, keep 'em to yourself. i'm certainly not interested in them in this kind of thread, and i,m sure i'm not alone. know ehen criticism, and what kind of criticism, is appropriate. its not that difficult. and if your innapropriate comments chase a talented person from this thread, shame on you!
How are you assessing the camera's output from a post processed file in the style chosen by each photographer that has posted?

I don't think anyone is trying to "chase" Kristian away any more than any other member on the forum. Each member has the same right to be on the forum, whatever their perceived talents.

I think a few people saying they liked one version of a picture more than another is getting blown out of all proportion now. It was hardly a witch hunt
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