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Originally Posted by f16sunshine View Post
It's too bad that so much criticism arrives in threads that are not open too such. I'm loving this thread and all the work in it. A best if thread is about images not "preferences"!
Leicashot I hope you reconsider and will continue to post here. If not I will continue to enjoy your work on Flickr. Thank you for sharing your work
It wasn't criticism as i saw it. Kristian posted a "before and after"(two versions/interpretations ) of the same image and a number of people said they liked the "before" more than the "after" That was all. Kristian's preference is the "after" Everyone is entitled to share their point of view, I think. All photographs in the thread are the posters' interpretations of their DNG's and that is their prerogative. Some choose more contrast or whatever when post processing and that's partly what makes this thread and B&W photography in general interesting. We are all individuals! (I'm not! )

It's interesting to assess the pictures in this thread but we can't really assess the full potential of the Monochrom from web shots. All we can do is appreciate the compositions and ways the photographers have interpreted their work. But we can still say whether we like it or not, surely?

To paraphrase Helen. If we can't take it , don't put our work on the internet. I'd rather people gave me constructive criticism of my work than massage my ego with a pat on the back every time I post a picture. I will learn more about my work and how to improve it that way.

The whole forum is about discussion, debate, opinion and viewpoint. Some people have stated they like certain pictures in the thread more than other's. That's a preference too. Are you saying they shouldn't be doing that?

Personal insults we sometimes get here on this forum... well that's another matter all together.
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