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My dream lenses are not what I thought they would be when I started.

Like many I used to lust for the fastest glass I could get my hands on, and I bought many of them.

Then I bought the Null Serie reproduction and absolutely fell in love with the way that Anistigmat 50mm f/3.5 draws. I knew that I may lose the magic by removing that lens from the body.

So I found a very nice Elmar M 50mm f3.5 and found it to also be a dream to work with. Not fast but very subtle and quite beautiful when I catch the light just right.

Another dream lens is my collapsible Elmar M 90mm f/4.

On one hand these are nothing special, on the other both of these are classic Leitz glass with their own way of drawing the light. They are really only waiting for someone to work with them again.
You gotta love a fast lens;

It is almost as good as a fast horse!
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