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Need some thoughts
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Need some thoughts

OK, so I returned the cute little X-E2 at the beginning of the year as it's internal battery was DOA here in Iowa.

It's getting close to fathers day and I'm thinking of getting some Fuji glass to go along with an X body. While cash flow is getting better, gotta dig out of a hole so nothing new is in the cards.

While I liked the X-E2 I'm looking at prices and wondering about a X-Pro1 as they are only a few dollars more. I know I have to get a diopter as adjustment is not built in but they are inexpensive.

There's also the X-70 which has that wonderful little lens that doesn't extend (or suck in dust). Right size, but not interchangeable, fine for me but not great for my wife.

Then a new player emerges on the field the X-T100. No X-Trans, great finder, and no shutter speed dial in the traditional place. The price with kit lens is great.

I do street/event/people photography with the occasional dog shots.

Thoughts from you Fuji-X-Aholocs?


B2 (;->
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