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Originally Posted by Chriscrawfordphoto View Post
You're almost as bad as I am with collecting light meters!

Gossen Luna Pro S
Gossen Luna Pro SBC
Gossen Ultra-Pro (three of them!)
Gossen Sixticolor
Pentax Zone VI Modified Spotmeter V
Minolta Flash Meter II
Minolta Flash Meter IV
Minolta Auto Meter IIIF
Minolta Color Meter IIIF
Sekonic L-758DR
Sekonic C500 Color Meter
Sekonic C700 Color Meter
Spectra Combi II (Two of them!)
Weston Master II
Weston Master V

Those are just the ones that work right. I have a few others that don't.

What do I actually use? For BW film, I use the Zone VI Pentax meter.

For color, which is all digital, I use the Sekonic L758DR, which I calibrated to my camera. I also use the Sekonic C700, which is an incredible color meter, when I have time to use it and set the camera's white balance settings from it.
I have several that need calibrated but those are my primary meters. I also forgot I have three Leica MR4 meters on M bodies.

On jobs a backup meter is essential. I had the lanyard on my Minolta IV let go and the meter hit a concrete floor and flew apart. I scraped up the pieces and took it home that evening and a few days later thought I'd try and put the pieces together. Unfortunately it didn't work but a year or so later I found in in my junk box and tried it again. To my surprise it worked just fine. I used it for some time until it started getting flaky. I found another Minolta IV locally that was almost new and bought it as a replacement. Moral to the story, a backup is essential on jobs.

Your Minolt III meters are great meters.
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