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Ken Hansen a true gentleman and very fine person.
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Ken Hansen a true gentleman and very fine person.

Maybe 10 years ago I was in the market for a Rolleiflex 3.5F and I called him and
spoke to him about my wish. He said he was waiting on a camera to come in and
said it was just what I wanted. In a couple days the package arrived at my home.
I was thrilled, it was pristine and worked flawlessly. It was perfect!
Now the camera had arrived and in the box was a statement for payment for it.
I couldn't get over he sent me a $1200 item way across the country before I even
paid for it! I called to notify that the check was in the mail and asked him why he
did it like that and he said, " you told me what you wanted and when I got this I
knew this was it- so I sent it to you. I'm sure I'm not the only one he did this for
but I love this camera and I still have the "Ken Hansen Special". I probably will
never sell it. What a guy!
Good Light and Good Luck (thanks to Edward R Murrow)

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