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Originally Posted by ChipMcD View Post
I'd be careful buying a flashgun on eBay, altho' the Honeywells are not expensive. I looked at these just for fun. All of the units I saw were listed as untested or "as is." You are talking devices that are likely at least 40 years old, and they could be 50 or 60 years old. It's questionable whether the capacitors in them would still work. If you are into electronics tinkering. it might be possible to find a modern capacitor that would fit.

Capacitors and funky old battery types. I have a flashbulb unit that uses a 22.5volt battery in an odd size that's long not available anymore.

You might end up revampng one of these old flashbulb units to modern capacitors and battery types. Requires some modest electical engineering skill, but nothing really difficult. Just need to know a few parameters and then search out components that can meet your needs and fit inside the old unit.

If you're not the tinkering/maker type, then I would recommend comprehensive research into the candidate flashbulb units available. Look for one that uses batteries you can purchase today, and the more recent the better.

Also remember that you may need to revitalize an old capacitor with repeated charge-discharge until it reaches its full "capacity". Sometimes the capacitor has simply given up, and a new one is the only solution (or seeking out another flashbulbunit).
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