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Originally Posted by David Hughes View Post

Here's my thoughts; someone buys an old, secondhand camera on the internet and doesn't get an instruction manual and then starts using it. Not reading the manual means they could miss the warnings that are obvious to us users who know that 50, 60 or 70 year old cameras all have their little quirks and so they screw it up.

Or the age of the camera means it is worn and needs an thorough check etc by a technician but the new owner uses it and it gets worse.Then they go on the internet and say my camera has done this and people tell them how to repair it, regardless of the obvious. So they get the bread knife and sit down at the kitchen table to mend it...

Then they sell it and it starts again. . . .
Dear David,

Well, yes. Or maybe they buy it and just don't use it, so that the mechanism gums up as the lubricants dry out. In Five Leicas on my .eu site, all five need something between a minor repair and a proper overhaul. The crazy thing is that the worst looking, the M3, would benefit most from (i.e. last longest after) a proper rebuild, but is least likely to get one, while plenty would waste money on a "CLA" for the M6 when only a minor repair is needed.


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