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New (old) Nikkor 10.5cm (105mm) f2.5 S mount.
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New (old) Nikkor 10.5cm (105mm) f2.5 S mount.

I have just bought a lovely old Nikkor 10.5cm f2.5 in Nikon S mount. Its serial number dates it to the mid 1950s based in this site:

This is one beautiful lens - mine is in pristine condition - much like the one shown below (image from a random web site). It is beautiful to look at and beautiful to hold. It feels like it is made of lead mixed with plutonium, mixed with gold, mixed with mythical and therefore rarely found unobtainium- just so dense and comparatively tiny when placed next to to its younger cousin the 105mm f2.5 in F mount for SLRs. I am blown away by its build quality and it is easy to see why those war correspondents and photo journalists in the Korea contretemps fell in love with it. As to its appearance, for some reason I find myself attracted to these rather stubby looking but slightly rotund short tele lenses. The seem so authoritative somehow.

I am still awaiting arrival of an adapter for it to go on a mirrorless camera (so much cheaper than the ones for Nikkor S to Leica M mount- though I must admit to liking the idea of getting one of those eventually and using this sucker on my M8). So no pictures yet. But soon I hope.

Any anecdotes about the lens, your own experiences, or especially photos of it or with it would be appreciated.

Picture from internet.

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