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Originally Posted by jcb4718 View Post
It's amazing what you can get away with in terms of exposure settings. I have 4 Barnaks and even after a service the shutter speeds are not particularly accurate. Anything from 0-0.5 stops over is typical PLUS 0-0.5 stops taper. Sometimes, particularly at 1/500th, the overexposure on one side of the negative nudges 1 stop! Even so, I have never noticed any effect on a print. If you have an average overexposure you just get a dense negative and the print exposure has to be longer. Underexposure is a different matter if its so great that you lose shadow detail ('expose for the shadows, print for the highlights' is the well known mantra). You can still get a print, you just lose contrast. I use a hand held light meter but usually just to get an idea of the exposure and usually when I am not about to take a photo. If conditions change e.g. cloud cover arrives, I check again. After a while you get an idea of what the day is doing.

Yes, a huge range. If unsure err on the side of overexpose and you will likely be fine. For those unsure about this check out:

and look at the exposures on TMAX 400. Anywhere from -2 to about +4 or +5 and you have a workable image.

Digital is the complete opposite. An ISO invariant camera has a wide range of underexposure and will have a workable image. Shooting RAW of course.

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