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Originally Posted by petronius View Post
The name change from B35 to 35B took place in January 1976. According to Claus Prochnow, Rollei Report 3, the sales dropped in 1975 and the marketing section used this occasion to change the name (they never liked the "B35" name), hoping to get a closer connection between all Rollei 35 models. There was no technical change. The name change couldīt save the 35B.

The B35 was sold for 299,-DM in 1969, the C35 for 249,- and the regular Rollei 35 for 498.-DM.
Just a bit of inflation calculation:

In 1969, exchange rate was $1 ~ 3.7 DM, so:

A B35 would have cost $80. ($559 or 509 Euros today)
A C35 would have cost $67 ($468 or 426 Euros today
A 35 would have cost $135 ($944 or 860 Euros today!)

It seems like quality craftsmanship was never cheap and good basic cameras were a bit more dear, but to get a very nice 35 today for around 200 is a steal!

An equivalent camera today to a Rollei 35 is probably something like a Sony RX100 or maybe a Ricoh GRIII; about the same price as a new Rollei 35 would have been, when adjusted for inflation.
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