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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
The design meme for the original Rollei 35 was to hold the camera at waist level when setting exposure and focus. The match-needle meter, shutter/aperture control wheels, and the focus with DoF scale are all set up so you can see them at a glance from the top. When those things are set, you quickly bring the camera to your eye, frame, and make the exposure. Then put it down again. It's an ideal street camera for this reason.
That is my preferred technique for street photography. If all the variables are preset, then just a raising of the camera to frame the exposure is all that is needed to finish the job. If the subject is moving towards me, I'll wait until just before he, she or it gets to a selected spot, where the camera has been focused.

In my opinion, having to diddle with the camera's controls, after the camera has been placed to the eye, loses the spontaneity of the moment.
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