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These days, I take a Hadley Pro and Barebones when I travel, using the Hadley Pro for intercity travel, and the Barebones when I reach my location. In the Barebones, I stuff my cameras, lenses, chargers, cards, etc, as well as other things I might need handy on a plane like a kindle, and also my phone. Although all carry-on mostly works, if they let you have one carry-on bag and a personal item, you might run into a situation where they only let you take one item period. Budget flights inside Vietnam is the instance I recall. My theory is that anything I don’t want to lose goes in the Barebones. I guess the Domke could substitute, but I like the layout and pockets and configuration of the Barebones better, especially for RF or other compact equipment.

Have a great trip. Green with envy here.
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