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Originally Posted by willie_901 View Post
Adobe's finances have prospered since the subscription model appeared. It was $34 in October 2012 and closed at $171 today.

Obviously, many customers prefer the subscription-license model.

Adobe has not been hurt. and will not be hurt, by the minority of customers who refuse to use the subscription-license model.

There is zero incentive for Adobe to change.
Which is why Adobe cannot be bothered to make the subscription system available to those who want to pay for it, but by using bank payments or PayPal...

Many people outside the US don't use credit cards but bank debit cards. The customer support guy I spoke to wasn't remotely interested in supporting customers that could not meet Adobe's US-orientated payment standards.
Only credit card (which is what the CC in Adobe's naming convention stands for as far as I'm concerned, Adobe Lightroom Credit Card)

I'll keep running the classic stand alone version indefinitely. I regularly meet other photographers in my home town who still are on machines like a Mac G5 Pros or Windows XP and Photoshop CS and their results are great. Never change a winning workflow!
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