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Originally Posted by Phoenix Phil
Jim thanks for the information.

Also, I figured out the problem. I purchased a 389 replacement battery which I learned from other forums that it fits perfectly. It does fit perfectly but I suspect that physically it doesn't match the orginal mercury battery.

I finally put the plus side in since that is supposed to be how it works. I then wrapped black electricians tape around the edge of the battery so that it would not touch the camera body. I suspect that the original mercury battery did not have the plus part of the battery extended to the edge of the battery like the new silver oxide batteries do today.

I then put a piece of 24 gauge wire on the other side of battery (facing the battery cover). I did this since I figured the battery negative was not making good contact with the battery cover which also connects with the camera body. In my earlier attempts with this configuration, the battery negative was not making contact with the battery cover so the meter would not work. Basically, the 24 gauge piece of wire serves the same purpose of a spring.

The meter now responds in the expected fashion. I thought I would write up all of this in case others have the same issue. In the future I think I will go with a slightly smaller battery (386 or 382?) so that can use a rubber ring as a spacer instead of electricians tape. Also, I plan on to put a bit of solder on the battery cap to build up the metal to make good contact with the battery negative side.

Thanks for everyone's help on this subject. I hope it helps others in the future.
This battery will work in a Spotmatic without modification:
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