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Originally Posted by Richard G View Post
If the spacing was increased you may have wound on a bit too far on the magazine insert, beyond the two arrows on the film, before inserting it into the A12 casing. That might lead to one less shot on the roll: did you get 12? Indeed it looks like maybe you just lost the last bit of the film emulsion cutting off the bottom of the last frame (which is the top of the last image). I donít know anything about malfunctioning backs and what they produce but I agree it would be odd with a light leak to get only one frame affected. Iíd say itís just how you set up the magazine insert.
Originally Posted by Richard G View Post
If this is colour negative film then the band of white at the top of the affected image is not from a dense negative exposed to light, it's from something much denser still: black backing paper of the film roll. The short chromatic line of the last colour is also consistent with the end of the emulsion. This is not a light leak.
Seems a lot depends on whether it really is at the end of the roll. If it is, I believe Richard has nailed it. Nick, is that "false chromatic line" all the way to the end of the film? I'm puzzled because that area doesn't look evenly spaced from the top of the frame in your picture. If it's the end of the film, it ought to be. Still, the wide frame spacing really does suggest you ran out of film.
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