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Leica R8 - worthy successor to Leicaflex SL or pass?
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Leica R8 - worthy successor to Leicaflex SL or pass?

Having decided to concentrate solely on the M5 with a mix of Leica and Zeiss glass, I'm now going through the same process with my SLRs. I have a Leicaflex SL2 which I love and an R7 which I don't. The SL2 has an incredible viewfinder - I have not yet missed focus once - but is entirely manual but for street and low light work it's a bit slow (the latter especially - you can't see the matched needle without pressing the display light, which with your right finger removes you from the shutter).

There are a number of reasonably priced R8s around and I can use my 3 cam (but not ROM) lenses on one easily.

Is it worth buying, any issues to check out, personal impressions gratefully received!
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