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My most used 35mm is my Leica MA by a pretty good margin.

My most used medium format camera is the Rolleflex but my Ikoflex II will likely pass it by the end of the year since I have found that it is easier for me to focus without using the magnifier.

My top cameras over the past few years are -
  1. Leica MA - 35mm
  2. Wanderlust Travelwide - 4x5
  3. Rolleiflex Automat - 120
  4. Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex - 120
  5. Pentax K1000 - 35mm
  6. Zeiss Ikon ZM - 35mm
I own far too many cameras and use all of them to some extent but none come anywhere close to the amount of use that these six cameras do.
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