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My dearest camera is Praktica BX20 from 1989, bought in 1991 (it was my dream camera at the time), used for 3 years about 15-30 rolls each year.
REplaced in 1994 by a Contax S2, has had about 200-300 rolls, sent to service badly repaired 3 times due to out of focus pictures under f 5.6. Continuous use until 2016 when meter packed up. Was just a loose rivet under battery compartment. Now working again faultlessly at last due to a 3rd and final repair by a good repairman in the UK who finally fixed it (he told me the shutter unit and mirror housing were loose!)
From 2016 on, Zenit 122 from 1994 bought with dead meter for less than 20 usd with lens. Replaced leds and worked faultlessly since then. Has received endless knocks, even has fallen from a bicycle on the road (the transport bag broke). around 50 rolls since feb 2016 and still going strong

Digital, a trusty pentax i-10 which documents tinkering on my cars and other repairs, so it's always dirty. Going through 3rd display but still shooting. Dirty sensor but still works.
I still keep my 1st camera, a 1980 kodak instamatic 25, and nearly all of my cameras I had (the second one was an agfa optima 500 and the 3rd one a Canon Snappy 20. 4th one Praktica MTL5B, after that came a Canon AS-6, snd many others)
All of them work

Best regards
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