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18 months...

That's for my main, everyday camera - a Sony A7R II. If I had the money, it'd be gone today, replaced by the A7R IV!

Photography is all about the image for me. So I treat cameras as tools, and are therefore regularly replaced when they become obsolete - which may simply be because I can afford a better one, or perhaps to match how I take photos more closely.

The camera I've owned the longest is a Mamiya M645 film camera - for about 5 years. I also haven't used it for 5 years!*

(*I've given up film this year, so this camera will be sold - a practical decision. I like film - you can't replicate the colours of Portra in digital, and prints of film and digital images look different. To be honest, I prefer prints of photos taken with film over digital ones. But digital is so much more practical - faster, cheaper, more user friendly... I keep meaning to do a project using film again, but always end up using my digital camera.

This year I faced up to the fact that I will never use a film camera again. The difference between the appearance of digital and film prints is outweighed by convenience.)


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