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My longest and most used camera is my Nikon D700. There is sentimental connection between that camera and I. As I'm sure most of you have with a certain camera.

I'll never forget the day I convinced my parents to allow me to purchase it new from the local camera shop in 2008. I was a proud owner and couldn't wait to set my eyes through it. That camera got me through photojournalism school. It photographed my grandparents alive, and my grandparents deaths. It was with me when I chased my first (and only tornado) while at the Dallas Morning News. It captured moments throughout the years with my family. It got me my first job freelancing after it worked with me through my internships. I even used it when I finally got hired as staff 7 years later. Countless stories, countless moments, joyous and tragic, have been seen through the lenses attached to it. I brought it on assignment across the world to Africa and again to Thailand. Not to mention road trips across the US.

It has always been there by my side. When my wife went into labor I packed the photo bags with my expensive and treasured Leica M4, my fuji x-pro 2, and my D700. I made sure I photographed my daughter with it the moment she arrived on earth.

One day I'll hope to pass it on down to her, or one of my future children, explaining to them the sights it has seen and how through its sensor it captured such memorable moments created by their great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and them. That camera has become a part of me.

Film wise, I love my black chrome M4. She's a beaut. I've run about 200 rolls through it since getting back into film a couple years ago. Best camera Leica ever made hands down.
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