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Originally Posted by KenR View Post
Nokton48 - I really like the first picture of the landscape and trees, except I would print it with the leftmost space (with the sun) eliminated. Try covering that highlight and see if you don't agree that it is a much stronger image with that area eliminated. Otherwise, great stuff.

Of course you are right. I wrestled a bit with this one. I'm using an old Graflex XL lens that I hacked to fit the LF 4x5 with some fairly intense metalworking. It's a bit of pushing the envelope. Focused hyperfocally it -almost- covers 4x5. You can see all four corners of the circle in the frame. Nowadays I will just use it on 9x12cm which is smaller format but very close.

Precision camera positioning was everything with this one. There is something special about this spot. So relaxing.

Dawes 58mm Grandagon 1 4x5 Norma by Nokton48, on Flickr
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