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The issue is repair parts since companies changed hands. I obviously can't confirm this, but I read somewhere along the line that Sony threw out all the parts for the Hexar RF. Who knows if that is true but I would have loved to have been at that dumpster when they did that.

I've had my Hexar RF now for eleven years and it has been my most used camera in that time. Can't beat titanium covers. Imagine if Leica made titanium covers.... I've practically worn the paint off the power switch and the corners are mostly bare now too. When I first got it I had read about the rangefinder going out of alignment so I set it then put a drop of Canada balsam on the adjustment wheel. Haven't touched it since. I covered the 75 and 135 framelines on mine too since I never use those lenses. If you can get a working one, they are fantastic cameras. There is only one thing I don't like about it. Shutter lag. There is about a tenth of a second lag between the time you press the shutter and the shutter firing. Long enough to be noticeable. I never understood why they made it that way. If they had made it instantaneous like a Canon 1n the camera would have been the best rangefinder ever made. Some people might not like the low magnification finder, but I wear glasses so I think it is great. If you want to shoot with a 35mm lens and you wear glasses it is the best option if you don't want to spring for a Leica.

When the Hexar RF came out there were all kinds of rumors that Leica lenses wouldn't focus accurately on it. Total hogwash. I think it was just human psychology. A lot of people are snobs and they didn't like that their collection of Leicas weren't the best anymore....

One thing that is just my opinion of course is that the Hexar lenses aren't all that great. By that I mean they are boring. Can't really put my finger on why, buy they just don't seem to have any zippidy-do-da.

I suspect if it wasn't for the spare parts issue, they would be selling for a premium these days. I don't know if I would buy another one if mine went south because it is a bit of a crapshoot and because the prices are creeping up. I'd probably move on. I'm hoping though that it doesn't go south. I've more than got my money's worth out of it though. I've put hundreds of rolls through it possibly approaching a thousand. Still works. Knock on wood!
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