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I bought my RF here 6 years ago for ~$400. It has worked fine since, and shows no faults, and I’ve gotten my money’s-worth in images.

Dante Stella wrote an entertaining appraisal of the RF v. M7 years back, when I could afford one, not the other, so he is partly to blame for the purchase. This RF is likely be with me until it expires or I do: I bought it for its built in -3 diopter, because I prefer to shoot without my specs, but Hexar RF eyepieces are harder to find than camera bodies, so this RF would work only for someone with my vision are plus my eyeball-to-eyepiece shooting preference.

Below are a couple of images with ISO 100 film, Ektar and TMax.

ZM 50/2, Oregon sun

ZM 28/2.8, Oregon overcast

I also owned the Hexar AF, not once but twice, and got a handful of splendid street images from it. But I was not committed to film autofocus—from missing focus on too many shots I disliked having missed; because I forgot the Hexar AF’s exposure/control logic very time I put it away for weeks or months (and being reminded of my forgetfulness and ignorance was uselessly irritating!); but mostly because small digitals like the GR and X100 and RX1 could fulfill the AF need, and I used each enough to know it, i.e. not forget how it worked.

Hex AF, FP4

I was momentarily tempted by the Hexar AF in the classifieds, but have learned my lesson. Twice.
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