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Originally Posted by AAlfano View Post
I think the discontinuation of the M7 is also part of the reason for the inflation in prices of used M bodies. People are realizing that Leica is probably not going to make film cameras forever.
Older models will always be discontinued, digital or film, as repair parts run out.

They're still producing film Ms: the MP and MA, and I believe they will continue to do so. My guess is because Leica no longer has the capability to repair the M7, coupled with the fact that the M7 is electronic and will be more prone to failure over time, they made the decision to discontinue it. Same with their digital Ms, like what they are doing with the M240 right now.

With each discontinuation creates a price gap. A new MP or MA goes for nearly $5k with tax. Used market prices for the two fetches a hefty $3.5k+

When people are looking for used Ms, this is not the price some people are willing to pay (for a film M at least). Hence the reason to turn to the M2/M3/M4 etc., increasing demand. The rest is history
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