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Originally Posted by JeffS7444 View Post
I get the sense (not backed up by anything but my own observations) that genuine demand from a younger audience is driving higher prices of Leica M6, Contax G and premium compacts such as the Nikon 35ti. But other Leica models such as M2, M3, M4, M5, not so much.

M6 "classic" prices seem to be up about $300 right now, but too soon to know if that's just a short-term blip.

I wonder how much is being driven by environmental concerns: Finding one's hobbies in items which were manufactured decades ago is a form of recycling!

I find your observations as telling.

It kind of makes sense because the M6 has a built in meter, is newer, and has less of a "vintage premium."

If your observation is correct, that in fact it is a new younger generation alone that is responsible for this spike, maybe/perhaps all by themselves, then I can see why the M6 stands out from the pack as well as the other premium compact cameras.

Now we wait for these newbies to discover medium format to make our "killing." LOL. Kind of predictable.

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