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I worked in market research for many years, and have been a member of eBait for a decade or two. I don't think the prices today mean too much. They go up, and they go down, and not always for a visible, rational reason.

It's just a short term event. eBait especially has a ton of unscrupulous, incompetent and unprofessional sellers now (buyers are even worse!!!) as good sellers like myself and others get fed up and drop out, only to be replaced by some sorry people. I read somewhere that if the auction site loses a member, they get replaced with 10X more new sellers.

Prices here are high, but they have always been high. One assumes that a camera bought here is sold by someone that understands cameras, has probably invested in having them tested, often CLA'd, and is described accurately.

It's just a time when people are trying to get the maximum amount of money from a sale. The Japanese collectors did that some time ago, only to drastically lower their prices later when things didn't move.
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