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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
A very old camera for $4000 and people are excited like it’s some kind of excellent deal? I get it... it’s the cheapest new digital m ever, but it’s cheaper for a reason. Once you start thinking of paying $4,000, it may be better to go all in and get the body you truly want.

If I want new, in the fancy Leica box and with fancy new camera registration digital M body for as low as possible price?
Which body I'll get?

"Very old camera for..." is not the argument with Leica. It is never been an argument.

M8 used costs more than "very old" new back then A7 and "very old" A7 mark something. Used "very old" M8 still close to the "who still needs it?" new Xpro2 and "already forgotten" new RF.

In 2016 I had choice which body to get for $3000, I was able to find original new M-E (due to exchange rate). It is 2019 and I'm happy every time I hold it in my hands. I had many cameras in my hands and I didn't have motion to own and use them. All of those X, Z, R and Whatelse are only new then they are reviewed by first time in DPR. But once they are in the stores, they are nothing but "yesterday". Just like any "new" hondyota.
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