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Originally Posted by jja View Post
I have not shot an M10, but based on what some users claim, the picture quality is similar to the M240, with only one additional stop of *usable* dynamic range (there are other differences not related to photo quality, such as marginally thinner body, simplified menus, addition of ISO dial, improved viewfinder, reduced battery life). Based on these reports, one might argue that either the M240 or the new ME are the best value. I have an MP240 going on three months now that I bought used, but if I were in the market for an M right now, new or used, I'd look hard at the ME. Two year warranty brings a lot of peace of mind.
I have both an M 262 and a couple of M 10s and the M 10 is more than a stop better in low light.
20,000 ISO

The low light capabilities and the lack of any shutter lag in the M 10 are two reason I bought the M 10.

And for video I wouldn't shoot video with a rangefinder or a DSLR. They make REALLY good video cameras for video. I am glad they left it off the M 262 and M 10.
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