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Not ancient. Timeless.
Huss..I worded that wrong..
Its the chip and the electronics I was talking about..those aint timeless..
I have an M3 & M6 and other formats up to 16x20 ULF..
So if I want timeless..I got that covered..
Thing is..its an old azz interior electronically..
But a reliable one..esp in Leica digital terms..
And..I have no doubt..that the current partnership w/Panasonic..will reveal possible stunning improvements in the next itineration of the M240 series..and may well be worth the extra few K...esp in terms of speed and color..
But waiting for that is a fools journey..
And remember the M-E you bought..the last of the M9 series..priced el move em out..paint it grey..

Just the name...M-E..should send shivers of fear..up your spine...
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